Sponsorship Opportunity

July 18, 2023

That is the hashtag we elected to represent our brand on social media.

We are Acend Club, an esports organisation with one goal in mind: To build up amazing rosters. To foster talented players to their full potential. To allow them to Rise Up.

Our ambitions have been crowned with success recently, when our Valorant team (which we built from scratch) won the first ever European Masters tournament and became EU champions. It  is now firmly established as a Top 3 team in Europe.

Building on that achievement, we are explosively growing our brand, with our eyes set firm on our next steps: Adding more games to our port-folio, competing in the Valorant World Cup, and continuing the rapid expansion of our social following.

We are currently open for amazing brands to join us as  sponsors on our path to becoming one of Europe's foremost esports clubs.

If you are interested in partnering with champions, joining us in our future adventures, please contact danita@acendclub.com.

We are excited to represent your brand in the biggest tournament and (in a post-corona time) on the biggest stages.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!