Valorant Roster Resigned

2021 was certainly no slouch for Acend as an organization, but of course, for their Valorant squad. Starting the year off strong with a EMEA Valorant Masters win in March, and after many ups and downs, laying it all on the line to claim victory against Gambit Esports to be Valorant’s first World Champions. 

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Acend signs Apex Roster!

If you had the money to own an esportsorganization and had admiration for the Battle Royale genre, there’s clearlyonly one thing to do. Get yourself a team. That’s exactly what ACEND Founderand CEO Benjamin Rolle did. 

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Valorant World Champions

From first-ever VALORANT Masters Champions EU to VALORANT CHAMPIONS. This is the story of Acend’s rise to the top of the world.

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