Acend Valorant Update 2023


As of January 1st we have parted ways with Vakaris “vakk” Bebravičius and Patryk “starxo” Kopczyński as the rebuilding process had already started in December. We are excited to officially welcome the 2023 Valorant roster which will start their journey in the Challengers League East :Surge!

Official roster:

Gilad "Alive" Hakim

Ondřej "MONSTEERR" Petrů

Jack "Brodie" Emmott

Alessio "Musashi" Xhaferi

Kamil "Baddyg" Graniczka

6th Man: Ivan "B3ASTM0D3" Ledić

Coach: Laurynas "Nbs" Kisielius

“As we have parted ways with the last players of our original core, I'm incredibly thankful for all the time they spent with us and the huge efforts they put into making the team such a success.

As we move forward, we have been back to the drawing board, building a new team of players with incredible potential. I believe we can create another roster capable of great things, and though it is a longer journey to get to the top, it is still well within our reach.

Our new roster features a mixture of players with Tier 1 pedigrees. Starting with our existing Sentinel 'MNSTR' we quickly added 'Musashi'. Having played only briefly in VCT last year with BIG we saw huge potential in the flex role.

Next, we brought in 'BaddyG' as smoker. Since the beginning of VALORANT he has been competing at the highest level and brings unrivalled energy and positivity to the comms along with incredible firepower in the role.

We needed an IGL and a duelist to complete the roster. We tried a number of different options here but Br0die and ALIVE stood out as prime canidates early on. Br0die's IGL style paired well with Nbs' style of coaching and ALIVE brought incredible consistency and a high level of mechanical skill to the team. Both players fit the chemistry of the core we already had and result in a final five that gel well both on and off the server.

Finally, throughout the trialing process we had been playing with B3ASTM0DE. Whilst he lacked a little of the experience of some of the other players, we saw great potential in him and wanted to continue working together even if it was not for the starting roster. B3ASTM0DE is a flexible player with great input to the team, IGLing abilities and high-level firepower; this made him a perfect addition as our sixth player going in to the season.

I am excited to see what this roster can do, firstly in the VALORANT Challengers East League and on wards to Ascension!” Mark Senior, Head of Esports