Acend Content Team

July 18, 2023

We always strive to offer our community and fans the best experience we can on and off the server. We are excited to announce that as of today we have signed five Valorant Content Creators! A mix of high-level gameplay, funny moments, educational content and more, please welcome:

Donald “Elevated” Chell

Stevie “Stev0rr”Brindley

Christopher “ThinkingMansValorant”Smith

Maximilian“Fragstube” Witt

Justin “Lord Lamy”Böttger

Our newest content creators help to push usin towards our goals moving forward; to create entertaining educational contentand continue to build our presence in our home region. I am happy we get to work with some of thefinest Valorant analysts and entertainers in the scene, I cannot wait to watchthe insights, excitement and fun they bring to Valorant and the Acendcommunity. Mark “Krimson” Senior, Head of Esports