About Acend

Founded in 2021 by Benjamin Rolle

After 2 years of experience in esports under a different name, Benjamin Rolle founded Acend with one goal in mind: Racing to the top of Europe's (and the world’s) esports leagues. The first opportunity to make a name for ourselves followed shortly after: Valorant.

We build teams up

Talent is not enough. We pride ourselves with our ability to provide a surrounding of growth for our players, to allow them to reach their true potential. We do this through mental coaching, nutritional advice, and high-level coaches and training regiments. Our aim is to find talented players, build rosters with high potential, and guide them to their best self.

We want to encourage and entertain

Our values extend to the way we interact with our fanbase as well. We communicate in an encouraging way, showing our community that hard work and focus pays off, and that there is a path to creating the life others only dream of. We aim to entertain by not taking ourselves and our successes too seriously in the process.

We value transparency and sportsmanship

We have made the firm decision to be open in our communication. The inner workings of esports have been behind a sealed door for a long time. We believe our followers deserve to be truthfully informed about our decision-making and the faith of their players.

Acend Staff

Benjamin Rolle


Founder and CEO of Acend

Founder and CEO of Raise Your Edge

Professional Poker Player and Coach, with more than 10 years of experience

Gamer at Heart

Danita Mihaylova


MA in International Management
and Leadership

More than 3 years of experience in the Gaming Industry as a Business Relationship Manager and Event Manager

Mark Senior

Head of Esports

10 years of Esports experience across multiple disciplines
Specialising in Team Management and Talent Development

Additional expertise in Tournament organisation, Coaching, Broadcast Production and Community Management

Philipp Kowatzki

Graphic Designer

Specialized in Brand Identity and Esports Social Media Graphic Design

5 years of experience in the field

Wide range of expertise:
Company Marketing
Materials, Website Design and Management, Social Media Designs, Apparel and Jersey, etc.

Andrei Matei

Social Media Manager

More than 5 years Esports Marketing experience.

Responsible for Project Management, and Social Media Management

Daan Driessen

Editor, Videographer & Photographer

Esports and gaming focused

7 years of experience including Content Creation for Social Media, Influencer Management, Event Production and

Community Manager for Acend